Boasting is for the Birds

This post was found on the "Pastor Eli James" Facebook page, which is operated by Eli himself. Here we see Eli James boasting that as he prayed openly on a segment of his Voice of Christian Israel program, a large flock of geese was flying around the Bundy ranch. The insinuation is that the prayer corresponded with the flight of the geese as some sort of sign from God.

The bold-faced insolence leaves us speechless. True prophets of Yahweh do not fail. None of their words fall to the ground, as the Scripture describes the surety of the prophetic word. But did Eli's geese help the Bundy family in their plight against government tyranny? No, the plight of the Bundy family continues. And all the geese left behind, evidently, was a lot of bird shit. Eli James should be throat-deep in it already.