Press TV scrapes bottom of barrel, universalist jack-of-all-trades Eli James happily complies


The Jew-posing-as-CI-pastor calling himself "Eli James" recently appeared on Press TV, but not as a "CI pastor". Rather, he is now playing "radio host and political commentator", just as in the past and in other venues he played "prophecy expert". Just like a chameleon, November is fast to come up with aliases and alternate identifiers whenever it is fitting. He is also fast to cast in his lot with arabs and all the world's bastards.

If Palestine was given to the true children of Israel forever, do Palestinians really "have rights in Palestine", as November asserts here? Palestinians are not children of Israel! Therefore, November is a fraud, no matter what he is found doing. Here, he casts pearls before swine once again.

Oh, and it ain't the "zionists", it's the "Jews"!