Meet the Novembers (or November Exposed in JewLie)

Joseph November, in an email to Don Brown, under his alias 'Eli James' wrote:
From: Eli James
Date: 7/29/2013 7:44:54 PM

That's not my real name either, Don. Clifton Emahiser just invited a lawsuit for slander. :| *:| straight face

Joseph November now denies that his name is November. We proved differently in Answering the Shills, Part 1. It really beats the hell out of me, how you can sue someone for calling you by a name which you have actually used to write that person with - for the proof of which one can see the envelope: Eli James First Wrote to Clifton Emahiser as Joseph November and the letter itself: Joseph November's August 7th, 2001 letter to Clifton Emahiser. This was four years before "Eli James Publishing" was registered as a business in Cook County, IL, and he started calling himself "Eli James".

Here on this page is a plethora of irrefutable proof that Joe November IS his real name!

It would also be pretty funny watching November trying to prove in a State or Federal court that being called a "Jew" is slander! Haha, try that one before a Jewish judge. :D

In Part 1 of Answering the Shills, we explained that Joseph November was the registered Principal of a business known as "Eli James Publishing". Therefore if Joseph November is not a real name, then whoever the real person is who registered that business has committed fraud against the State of Illinois, because it is unlawful to register a business with an unregistered alias (a pseudonym)!

Here is the proof, once again, that "Eli James Publishing" (and therefore Eli James) is only a government-approved alias registered to one Joseph P. November, Principal:

According to The Chicago Tribune, "Eli James Publishing, 4901 W. Oakdale Ave., Chicago, Joseph P. November" was registered on December 27th, 2004: ... naperville

This following page's URL sometimes increments because old articles are pushed down to a new page: ... featured/6

Then there are the business listings at

And also at, although here a principal is not listed: ... CHICAGO-IL

Now, I do not mind linking to the following, especially since in his last email about me Joseph November included a picture of my wife and I which he copied from my Facebook account. So since he distributed a picture of my wife to his mailing list, all is fair, and he left himself open to this. He also left himself open because he keeps on denying his name is Joseph P. November. If he would only admit what his name was, all of this would be unnecessary, but he continues to lie.

Here is a White Pages listing for Joe P. November, which links Joe P. November to a person named Stephanie November: ... IL/4eqiqr1

And here is the White Pages listing for Catherine Graye: ... IL/4eqiqqq

And here is the White Pages listing for Joe November's daughter Stephanie: ... IL/4eqiqst

Here is a page from the website linking the address "Eli James Publishing", which is also the address of the entire November family, to the Joseph November website,

Here is the page listing the whole family, announcing the wedding of Joseph November's daughter. We think the husband looks Jewish, and has a Jewish name, but perhaps he is some sort of Arab: ... 9/28139022

The "lovely" couple:
David Michael Takla and Elizabeth Miranda November

The proud father-in-law, no wonder he builds a ministry in defense of mamzers:

If you use a pseudonym, can you register a business with that pseudonym? NO! That would be breaking the law.

If you use a pseudonym, do your daughters also use it, and list it in telephone records? And even in their wedding announcement? That would be really strange.

These are not "two or three witnesses", but thrice more, that Joseph November is the real person behind "Eli James Publishing", and that "Eli James" does not exist, except as a government-approved business entity. Is that the correct position for a Christian Identity pastor?

Proof that "November" is not a German name: is a German genealogy website. It has a bunch of maps showing surname distributions which allow one to enter names for different countries. To get a result, a name must exist in the particular country being searched, or one gets thrown back to the front page, where another country may be tried.. The following link shows the results for my name, Finck:

Now try entering a search in Germany for "November". You will be put back on the front page because there are not any Novembers in Germany!

No wonder. A Jewess woman named Sharyn November tells us that November is a Jewish name, and that "all Novembers are related". Her words, not ours:

As I said a hundred times on the podcasts November and I did together: "If a Jew moves his lips, he's lying".

Q. What does one call Eli James crocodile tears?
A. November Rain

Keep lying, Joe November. Your public property records are only about thirty bucks away. We'll continue to prove what your real name is, if we have to find another half-dozen witnesses.

In fact, some of them are free. This is from the Shelby County News. You can't make real estate transactions in a name you made up.