William Finck Exposes the Shills, Part 2


In the first part of our second program “Answering the Shills”, I talked at length (I am certain it was too much so) about how this is not about me or my ego. Rather, it is about how Christian Identity should be defined. It is about finding what is the truth of Scripture, and standing for that truth. It is Joseph November who continually makes this about me, or about himself. In the podcast we did together in March, The Universalism of Eli James, Sword Brethren and I had raised a series of points – playing Eli's own statements for all to hear – which Joseph November (who plays the role of Eli James) has never answered. That program was all about doctrine. However Josrph November only seeks to obfuscate the facts by raising great clouds of dust with personal attacks and cries of persecution. Like the typical Jew that he is (his name proves his heritage) Joseph November plays the victim as he attempts to plant the knife into your backside.

Here we will continue to present and answer Joseph November's paper, “Shills are us” which is really only a series of straw-man arguments, ad hominem attacks, and other ploys aimed to discredit me. Joseph November uses all of these ploys so that he can raise great clouds of dust, and escape without addressing any of the actual issues. We will address those issues once again in a future segment of this podcast.

Joseph November wrote:    If you read the essays of Bertrand Comparet, Dr. Wesley Swift, Arnold Kennedy, Howard, B. Rand, Dan Gayman, Willie Martin and virtually all the others, hatred towards non-Whites is either completely absent or negligible.  CI has never been about hating the other races.  It is only about loving our own Race and our Father, Yahweh, and His Son, Yahshua.
But William Finck has raised the art of racial hatred to the level of dogma.

            Obviously, we are obliged to point out racial violence against our own people; but we must also point out that racial violence against us has always been instigated by the perfidious Jew, who are the only documented descendants of the Edomites of Scripture.  I have documented the absurdity of trying to equate the other races with Edomites in “Beast of the Field.”  That document should be compared with William Finck’s writings on the subject, so you can determine for yourself whether the Extermination thesis has any merit.

            As I have been saying since 2003, “Anyone who espouses hatred and violence is an enemy of Christian Identity.”  The Bible says hundreds of times that, if we Israelites would simply obey His laws, no enemy can harm us.  It also says “Who can make war against the beast?”  We Christian Israelites are NOT to engage in pre-emptive violence, like the Jews do.  At the same time, we are to be constantly prepared to do battle in self-defense.  The Second Amendment is our political guide and Luke 22:36-38 is our biblical guide for the Second Amendment.  Because the Bible is so clear that He protects His obedient, righteous children, anyone who agitates for unbiblical hatred and violence is working for the Synagogue of Satan.

In the paragraphs above, Joseph November creates two straw-man arguments. The first is that I “equate the other races with Edomites”, which cannot be found in any of my writings, and is therefore a lie. The second is that I have ever urged or incited violence against non-Whites, which is an absolute lie. Notice how November creates the straw-man argument so that he can abscond the moral high ground, as if it could actually belong to a liar.

I would challenge Joseph November (playing the role of Eli James) to show where I have openly promoted violence towards any race. He will not find it because I never have, not on my websites, and not on one of the nearly 1,000 podcasts which I have done over the last four-and-a-half years.

Yahweh hates, and Christians must be taught what proper Biblical hatred is. For example, Paul explains why Esau was hated: that he was a profane man and a fornicator. In the Law, something profane is the opposite of something sanctified, and something sanctified is something set apart for the purposes of God. Israel is sanctified by Yahweh, and they are commanded to be a separate people. Therefore, human love and hate are secondary must not even be a part of the equation: because obedience to Yahweh is all that matters! Israel was commanded to “Come out from among them, and touch not the unclean”, because only the children of Israel were cleansed on the Cross of Christ. Israel has a purpose and absolute separation from all others is the command of Yahweh our God.

David hated the enemies of Yahweh with a “perfect hatred”, and he was a man after God's own heart: that is the only hatred which I aspire to, which I could desire to emulate. [The root of the problem, is that Eli James has a very narrow definition of those enemies. However Yahshua Christ says “wide is the path that leads to destruction, and there are many who find it”! If Joseph November would correctly identify our differences by addressing the actual issues, perhaps they could be resolved. But he cannot, because he is a part of the problem in the first place, which is why he attempts to admit as White people who are “ten to fifteen percent Canaanite”! Those are his own words, and we have the recordings.]

It is true, that to espouse violence in this society works to the discredit of the Christian Identity message, and is contrary to Scripture. It is true, that people espousing violence are usually infiltrators, and that we should ostracize those people: but Joseph November is a liar, because I do not espouse violence. The correct teaching of Scripture is not violence. We are well aware that Vengeance belongs to Yahweh our God, as the prophet professes and as Paul repeats the admonishment in his epistle.

However Bertrand Comparet taught the same thing which I do concerning the fate of the other races at the Day of Judgment in the return of Yahshua Christ. The proof is in his paper, Gathering the Tares, where he says that the “beast nations” will face the same judgment as the “tares”, and he says it explicitly: “This gathering of the individual tares among us is exactly parallel to the similar gathering of the beast nations in this same judgment.”

http://comparet.christogenea.org/conten ... ring-tares

These are straw-man arguments which Joseph November makes here. He goes railing against violence, as if I have promoted as much, so that he can argue against it. But he has not one citation to back up his allegations. He oversimplifies our teachings on the origins and fate of the non-Adamic races, so that he can make them sound ridiculous. When we opened the first segment of this program last week, I pointed out that he used this technique against Clifton Emahiser in his “Beast of the Field” series. All of that is now fully documented, with links to all of the original material, here on the Christogenea Forum in Part 1 of this presentation:


As Joseph November is about to explain, the straw-man argument is a Jewish technique, and he himself is its master.

Joseph November wrote:The Straw Man Technique
The Straw Man technique is a typical Jewish method for misrepresenting someone else’s teachings.  It consists of reducing someone’s arguments down to a simplistic concept, which is easily refuted and/or ridiculed.  Finck did this when he asserted that I claimed that the world would end on Dec. 21, 2012.   He went even further by declaring that I am a false prophet.  Both of these characterizations are blatant distortions.

Joseph November has made straw-man arguments again and again throughout this paper. Although he defines them poorly, we are glad that he at least admits a basic familiarity with them and their purpose. Now he cannot claim that he did not know what he has been doing.

On a segment of the Waterman files Joseph November promoted the comet Elenin as Nibiru and talked about the destruction it would reek on the earth. One particular program was aired in the summer of 2011. He continued this theme right up to December of 2012. November has been in this pattern for at least several years, which is fully evident in many of his so-called “Judgement Day Perspectives” mailings. This one program on which November espoused all of this information, and talked about it from the viewpoint of the “prophecy guru” of The Waterman Files program, was on July 29th 2011 where November had a long and friendly discussion with a New Age freak named Terral Croft.

Croft was promoting a precise time line for the destruction of the world, and particularly the American Midwest, in series of impending (at that time) natural disasters. He even mentioned particular months when certain major events were supposedly going to happen. Eli James went along entirely with what Croft was saying, feeding him questions and helping to build upon the atmosphere of urgency, fear, and even panic which Terral Croft was developing.

November never sought to correct Terral on any matter which a Christian pastor should be concerned with, and there were many matters about which Terral was obviously very, very wrong.

Here are the links to this program:

http://www.argusoog.org/the-waterman-fi ... juli-2011/

also: http://john844.org/nibiru-crop-circles-and-eli-james

Here is the audio hosted at John844.org, in case the original no longer becomes available:

http://john844.org/sites/default/files/ ... nFiles.mp3

Here is the program (watch the video below):

http://john844.org/sites/default/files/ ... _James.flv

One Joseph November quote from this program: “Terral what do you see in regard to tidal waves and coastal cities?...Costal cities are going to be in big trouble...” and this is one of many such quotes. In another place November was interpreting symbols on a crop circle through a supposed Mayan prophecy.

The abovetopsecret.com website has a page exposing Terral Croft in a nutshell:


Terral during this program had also explained that the “coming of the Son of Man” was something other than the return of Yahshua Christ, a contradiction of absolute Christian doctrine which November never challenged. In this program November also cited the “Fifth Mayan Prophecy” as if it were legitimate. This is only one example of November's proclivity to engage in anti-Christian and New-Age drivel, and there are many other examples which have already been brought to light at John844.org and at the Christogenea Forum.

Can a man be a Mayan and New Age “prophecy guru” while also being (or pretending to be) a Christian pastor? Were Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea or Amos employed as stand-up comics at the local Baal temple, while at the same time performing their day jobs as prophets for Yahweh?

Joseph November wrote:  I have been known to be provocative in literary ways, and the countdown clock that I once had on my website was designed to be provocative.  It was designed to get people to think about these prophecies.  No one can deny that the world is collapsing before our very eyes.  But no fair-minded person would ever say that I predicted there would be no Dec. 22, 2012.  That is Finck’s false characterization of my work, “Why 2012?”  It is a perfect example of the Straw Man technique. 

            Here is the first paragraph of my Conclusion of “Why 2012?”

The signs of the times are piling up very high. It is very hard to ignore them! This survey of various prophecies, secular, Biblical and non-Christian, serves, I believe, is ample warning that we are indeed in the End Times. Whether or not Dec. 21, 2012 is D-day, we will have to wait to see. But current events clearly show that we are in the midst of a precipitous decline in civilization, a decline which shows no indication of being reversed, because those who are in power do not want it to be reversed. They are determined to have their World Empire, or go down in flames and ashes trying to complete it. Little do these children of Satan realize that all of their plans and deeds have been anticipated by Yahweh, as He is going to send Yahshua and Archangel Michael to cleanse this planet very soon. 

            Note the highlighted sentence.  Does that sound like a guarantee that there will be no Dec. 22, 2012?   Finck has put words in my mouth.  That is a Jewish technique.

            My purpose in writing “Why 2012?” was to draw non-Identians into considering Identity by virtue of the massive amounts of End Times prophecies, both Christian and non-Christian.  In fact, several people wrote to that reading this article caused them to investigate Identity further.  This article also stresses the fact that all of the great civilizations of the past, even those not currently recognized as White, were founded by the bearded White men.  This fact is totally suppressed by academia.  But BF thinks he can undo my work by falsely labeling it as a failed prophecy.

With the countdown clock which he had on his original website, and in many of his mailings and statements on programs, Joseph November did indeed suggest that the world was going to end, or that Christ was going to return, on December 21st, 2012. He is now spinning those suggestions into something else, so that he can offer a plausible denial. The truth is, if he was not so sure about 2012, why did he title his paper “Why 2012?” And why does the paper supply several paragraphs from several writers, mostly New-Age kooks, containing arguments in support of 2012?

This paragraph which Joe November quotes here, I quoted in a post at the Christogenea Forum on February 13th, 2012: http://forum.christogenea.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=3614 He was making straw-man arguments about me then, which I had refuted in that post. At that same time, in one of his emails, he was also insisting that “Three End time Prophecies” which he was promoting in spite of the fact that none of them were Biblical were all “converging in 2012”, and he was dead serious about it all. This was in his January 29th, 2012 “Judgment Day Perspectives” newsletter.

Now because it never happened, he is in a state of denial. However he is also now predicting that the Messiah shall return in 2014 or 2015 based upon “astronomical evidence”, predictions which certain people, people who have defended him in the past, have been repeating and attributing to him on Facebook. He is a fraud who just cannot help himself. He is the Hal Lindsay of Christian Identity. He is a liability to the Christian Identity message and his lies are facilitated by all those Christian Identity pastors and adherents who refuse to rebuke him.

Why talk about “converging end times prophecies” in 2012, and why mention 12-21-2012 at all if “we will have to wait to see”? Do Christians promote suspense and titillation, or do jews? This is all typical double-speak. Have a countdown clock, write a dozen or more paragraphs supporting the arguments in favor of “Why 2012”, and then say “whether that is the date we will have to wait and see”. Why not say that about any date in the future, and hope that eventually you will be right, or that at least you can hope to sell a lot of books in the meantime? That is not Christian. Rather, it is the Zechariah Sitchin / Hal Lindsay method of gaining personal wealth while disenchanting people.

I first publicly addressed Joseph November's end-day prophesying in February of 2010, in a blog post and later Open Forum program at Christogenea entitled Disdaining the Culture of Fear. That was nearly a year before we split. I did the program as a response to “Eli James” and his refusal to accept my counsel on these issues. He refused to hear it then, and he will refuse to hear it now:


November's proclivity for promoting these things was addressed again by me weeks before our split, in an Open Forum program entitled “Newspaper Eschatology”, on January 3rd, 2011:

http://christogenea.org/content/christo ... l-01-03-11

I was compelled to address this drivel once again a few months after our split, in another Open Forum program, Zechariah Sitchin, the Annunaki, 2012, Nibiru and Cro-Magnon Man: New-Age, Anti-Christ Lies, presented on March 21st, 2011:

http://christogenea.org/content/christo ... gnon-man-n

Once more I addressed the drivel which Joseph November was promoting, in an Open Forum program of April 18th, 2011 for which I wrote the following: : “Zechariah Sitchin, William Henry, Laurence Gardner, Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Graham Hancock, and all of the other anti-Christ clowns and charlatans working to run cover for the real devils do NOT belong in Christian Identity! Or do you not know, that a little leaven spoils the whole lump? Well, Sitchin and Maxwell bear truckloads of leaven!” That was a short time after Joseph November was once again promoting both Sitchin and Maxwell in his email messages.

http://christogenea.org/content/christo ... ti-christs

Offering these programs, I do not care to correct Joseph November, for I had already long known that he is not able to be corrected. Rather, I hope to help steer at least some of our brethren clear of the traps and pitfalls that he is laying for them, because none of his promotions of this material are Christian, nor can they be.

Joseph November wrote:  Furthermore, I am NOT a false prophet, which is yet another one of Finck’s false accusations.  Here is the Biblical definition of a false prophet:

            “But the prophet, which shall presume to speak in My Name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die…When a prophet speaks in the name of Yahweh, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which Yahweh hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously.  You shall not be afraid of him.”  -  Deut. 18:20-22.

If one claims to be a Christian Pastor and claims things will happen in the future, one is speaking in the name of Christ whether one says His Name at the time or not! The position of “pastor” is a full-time job. You cannot be a “pastor” in one venue, and a “prophecy guru” in another, without the perception that your “prophecy guru” status is linked to your status as a pastor! Yet Joseph November has led two lives, where half of the time he plays pastor, and half of the time he is John Waterman's “prophecy guru”, where he engages in all sorts of New Age babble and bullshit, some of which we have recorded in the Christogenea Forum, and which I am linking to once again with the notes to this program.

Joseph November wrote:           In “Why 2012?” I made it abundantly clear that I was giving my own opinion.  I would never presume to speak for Yahweh, unless directly quoting from Scripture, nor did I utter any prophecy in His Name.  Thus, Finck is shown to be a distortionist, twisting my words for maximum impact on those whom he is deceiving.  This another example of the Straw Man technique, by which the critic misrepresents someone else’s point of view, in order to make it look silly or easy to refute.  I never claimed to be a prophet; and anyone who says I made a prophecy in Yahweh’s Name is a liar.

            Of course, the Straw Man technique relies heavily upon the hope by the deceiver that the deceived will never access the victim’s true ideas.  The whole point of the technique is to prejudice potential readers against actually reading my work!  But, even in this, BF will fail, as he is only piquing people’s curiosity; and their curiosity will eventually lead them to my websites, where they will find out what I actually teach, as opposed to the rumors they have heard!  

In “Why 2012?” Joseph November presented a series of New Age prophecies with a pretense of Biblical authority. He begins by stating “Those of us who study Biblical prophecy know that the signs of the End Times are upon us. Yahshua’s prophecy that the Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to the whole world has literally been fulfilled, although the Gospel, as presently taught, has been grotesquely twisted and distorted.” [The apostles taught that the end times were here, we do not have to study Biblical prophecy to know it.] Then November proceeds with a section explaining “Yahweh's Prophetic Timing” with the statement “In addition to such clear prophecies, the numerics of the Bible provides hidden clues as to the timing of the last days.” The entire paper is designed to present this 2012 hypothesis from a position of Biblical authority. Joseph November spoke out of both sides of his mouth when he wrote it, and now he denies the essence of what he wrote by attempting to re-characterize it. He purposely projected a facade of Biblical authority for his paper.

November goes on to present a subtopic entitled “2012: The General Awakening” where he says “Most secular critics of Biblical prophecy pooh-pooh this kind of prophetic analysis because far too many Christian prognosticators have been wrong in the past.” By asserting that “many Christian prognosticators” were wrong in the past, then he is assuming the position of a Christian prognosticator who is not wrong in the present! For the rest of his paper November argues in favor of 12-21-2012 as an end times date, and quotes many New Age and apocryphal and Biblical sources and interpretations to support his [false] assertions. He says things such as “The Mayans considered the Great Rift to be the "Birth Canal" of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Great Rift Nebula will be in perfect position (surrounding the Sun/Galactic Center conjunction) on Dec. 21, 2012, in perfect position to "give birth" to a "new heaven and a new earth." Thus the Solar Calendar can be included among the various pointers that focus our attention on Dec. 21, 2012.” All of this is anti-Christ and New Age trash, but Joseph November promoted it and continues to promote it at the same time that he is denying having promoted it and claiming to have disclaimed it! The psychologist in this November works 12 months a year.

These next three paragraphs are from Joseph November's “Why 2012?” paper:

Even though the verse says that we will not know the "day and hour," it certainly appears that Dec. 21, 2012 is in the ball park. It might be the day before or the day after. As Jesus said, only the Father knows. It is Yahweh who has set in motion this Plan to redeem the world, and it will be His Hand that initiates the Final Act. The Watchman atop the watchtower must do his duty, so that no one can say, "There was no warning."

Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto His servants, the Prophets. - Amos 3:7.

Although the Hebrew word, nabiy, has a primary meaning of "seer, prophet," it also means, "one who is inspired." I truly wish I could say that Yahweh has given me the ability to foresee the future, as the Biblical prophets did. But what they saw, they did not understand. Their job was to faithfully record their visions. We are now in a position to understand the prophecies that have been delivered to us. I have never been given such visions. But I think that it is just as important to take the Scriptures at their word, and compare them to the past and present, so as to discern the signs of the times, and to demonstrate that the prophecies can be understood. This is another way of "seeing." The visions He gave to His Prophets were meant to be understood by this generation. I have been inspired to attempt this analysis of prophecy, a shout from atop the watchtower. The internet has become True Israel's "watchtower." By this means I am able to share my inspiration with you, my fellow Israelites. You are the ultimate judge of the value of this, my attempt at eschatology concerning 2012. Please share it with as many True Israelites as possible. I hope this instrument is of genuine value to you as a fellow Christian. I do not wish to be an alarmist or doomsayer. I am merely a realist looking at a world brim-full of delusion and deceit. It is better to be prepared, as Noah was. From now until the Day of Judgment, the catchphrase is "Proceed with caution" and "Come out of Babylon."

Noah was told by God Himself to be prepared. By quoting Amos 3:7 in this context, November is claiming to have a similar warning! This man is not a realist, rather he is a fraud who rode this New-Age trend for 8 years, under the guise of “we are now in a position to understand the prophecies that have been delivered to us” and “I think that it is just as important to take the Scriptures at their word”, while he actually denies the Word!

Another agenda: November said in his paper “Why 2012?” that “It is Yahweh who has set in motion this Plan to redeem the world”! This is a universalist statement which is directly contrary to the words of Yahshua Christ, who said of His sheep: “I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine”. Christ came to redeem Israel, and not “the world”! This is another Canaanite sleight-of-hand authored by the Jewish interloper, Joseph November.